Cloud Computing Applications

Innodisk delivers server-grade memory products that have passed stringent testing and quality control measures and provide 24-hour non-stop performance for the world’s ever-demanding cloud computing applications. Our server-grade memory products are designed to meet all the requirements of cloud storage applications, including high speed, high reliability, and high storage capacity.

With our flash sorting quality measures and state-of-the-art testing equipment, Innodisk guarantees that our storage and memory modules have the full capability to run server-grade applications, even when the storage capacity is increased. We offer a comprehensive range of products, from very low-profile modules for 1U server systems and low-voltage modules for low-power consumption server systems to high-capacity modules for high speed and high-density server systems.

Our server-grade DRAM modules come with a lifetime warranty, and our server-grade flash products offer various warranties based on capacity.